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The Art of the Art of Aging

If you are an artist or craftsman over the age of 50, Art for the Ages wants YOU! We are looking for artists to feature in our Artist of the Month (depending on response we may go to weekly artists). FREE exposure if you are looking to sell or just share your work or if you know someone whose work is too good not to be shared, let us know.
Instructions for submitting an entry on theartofaging13@gmail.com

1.submit pictures of at least 5 examples of your work that you would want to have included in your post
2.include a bio, 200 word maximum, that you would be comfortable showing online
3.include in your bio the name of your website or email where purchasing information can be found
4. If selected, you must sign a release that declares you work to be original and done by you or that you have legal control over.
5. If selected, you agree to have at least 30 people visit and comment on your Artist of the Month post.

If selected, your bio and work will be featured as Artist of the Month on the Art of Aging, artofaging.net, website.
There is no charge to you for showing your work on our site and The Art of Aging will have no information on work sold on your own website.
What do we get out of it? The fun of sharing the achievements of the “new” older generation and the hope that you will share our website with as many people as possible to help us get off the ground and running.