Gypped At The Gym?

Don’t get gypped at the gym! More and more of us are interested in maintaining our health, our weight and our strength and we are choosing the local gym as the first step towards that goal. Problem is (and I found out the hard way) that gyms open and close faster than we can lose weight.
I joined a local gym in 2013 that had a good reputation and had been in business about 2 years. I signed an 18 month agreement. Six months later the gym closed and my membership was transferred to another local gym a little further away but still close to home. Seven months later this gym closed and another gym moved into the same building and accepted the old gym’s members. This gym closed nine months later and did not arrange for their members to transfer to any other gym.
Because I had the option of deferring my membership when I was traveling, I had only actually used nine months of the 18 original months I had paid for. That money is gone except for the value of the lesson learned.
Unless there is something so special at a particular gym that justifies a contract, stick to the gyms that charge monthly. There are several gyms within a few miles of my house that charge $10 or $20 a month. They usually have at least one month a year where the joining fee is waived or dramatically reduced. Each one has its own personality and programs to choose from.The gym that I chose has gyms all over the country and allows me to switch my membership for three months or more as often as I like. When I had to cancel my membership for a year, they refunded my yearly fee based on a prorated schedule.
Stay healthy, stay slim and stay strong…. And stay in control of your money.

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