Welcome to The Art of Aging. We are constantly, with your help, finding and refining what we think you will be most interested in. This is a dream I’ve had since I turned 50 but have too busy living life and finding out just what this aging thing is all about. At 70 I had an epiphany. Aging is like fine wine and sauerkraut. One is smooth and best savored in  quiet moments with friends and those we love, the other adds that tartness, that little bit of sour taste that lets us know we are really living.

That’s what The Art of Aging is all about…..the sweet and sour moments in our lives as we age and you’ll find it all on the blog, Fine Wine and Sauerkraut.

We will talk about people who have found the secret to living life the way only a person of experience can live it. We’ll discuss art, travel, health, politics as it pertains to those of us over 50 and, living day to day in a world that seems to get stranger every day. Of course, I want to know about your pets and your grandchildren, not necessarily in that order. It’s all about you and what’s going on in your life…..the good, the bad and the – well you tell me.

So, get out your funniest stories, the saddest experiences, share your life with all of us who are living and learning about this thing called the Golden Years. (Who came up with that name anyway?) We’ll be looking for regular contributors on all types of subjects. Give it a try. You might just discover the poet, writer, artist, comedian you never knew you had inside.
Submit you ideas and requests to be a featured artist to drnancylee@verizon.net

Your Host, Dr. Nancy Lee

About Nancy Lee Ph.D, MSW
Nancy Lee is a professor of sociology at Salem College in New Jersey where she teaches child psychology, social deviance, interviewing and counseling and all other social work courses. In addition, she was owner and Executive Director of Options Counseling for over 25 years. Even though she earned her Bachelor’s in Gerontology, she spent the major portion of her career working with sexually abused children and adults abused as children. As a registered sex therapist, she also worked with juvenile addiction and the sexual abuse associated with child and adolescent addiction. Her clients continued with her as they aged and her practice expanded to include, all types of marriage and family counseling. She has been an EAP counselor for major corporations and banks and for the military.
Over the years, Dr. Lee has conducted production enhancement seminars for major corporations, teaching cooperative management skills and burnout and stress reduction techniques. She has volunteered as a prison counselor for women, teaching parenting skills, reentry skills and job interviewing.
As a published author and a juried artist, and with retirement in the near future, she is focusing on writing a novel more competitive art and, most of all, sharing information on The Art Of Aging.